Luncheon Catering

Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes Salad   $8.95

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti tossed salad & rolls      $7.95

Lasagne Tossed Salad Rolls   $6.95

Grilled Chicken Breast with Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions Tossed Salad & Roll    $8.95

Chicken Pot Pie Tossed Salad Rolls    $7.95

Blackened Pasta tossed salad & rolls       $9.95

Gourmet Dagwood Club on croissant & chips    $8.95

Chicken Salad Sandwich, potato salad & fruit      $7.95

Chicken Pesto Sandwich w/ pasta salad      $8.95

Chicken Salad, Turkey & Swiss, and Ham & American Cheeseon different breads with Chips  $6.25 per person

Roast Beef & Swiss, Chicken Pesto and Ham & Turkey Club on Gourmet Breads with Chips $8.95 per person

Potato salad   $1.25 per person

Pasta salad   $2.25 per person

An assortment of Cookies and Brownies  $10.99 a dozen

Sweet Tea   $5.99 a gallon

Unsweet Tea   $4.00 a gallon
(cups and ice furnished with tea)

Bottled Soft Drinks & Water   1.50 each

*Sandwiches can be made with condiments on the side.